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New Series Suggestion

I am thinking of this for a series to make:

It's called 'The Awsome Show'.

It's about Flipnote creator Awsome2464 living in the city of Flipnote, Hatena. It is actually a world map in the Gaming Universe, where worlds from every video game to Super Mario Brothers to Call of Duty and even Professor Layton can be found.

Living with Awsome is his brother MrFriedCookie and his friend EJ D. Pretty quick in the begining of the series they will have two new neighbors move in: Gabriel7 and noel5soccer.

As a Creator in Flipnote, Awsome's job is to make Flipnotes for the public to see. It's almost like making movies in Hollywood. 

Awsome's practically an unknown creator, but he is most famous in Flipnote for his series 'The Awsome Show', which is pretty much like a comedy sketch show similar to Saturday Night Live. When not doing the show, the gang visits the city of Flipnote as well as other gaming worlds.

I think the series could do well if I work hard at it.

Let me know if you think I should do it, please.

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Basic Info


I've never used a blog before but I have to say it's quite interesting to have one. Now, you may be wondering what I plan to use this for. Well, simply put, I will use it....







(pause for effect)








...To write stories. Yes, that's right. Stories. Deep down, I realized that Flipnote Hatena not only helped me express my drawing skills, but my story writing skills, too! As you may have noticed, I never got the oppurtunity to finish my last story on Flipnote Hatena...but now I have the chance to do it here!! It will be most grand, since I had so many stories I wanted to make on Flipnote Hatena that I never got to do! I think you may all like them. I hope this goes really successful!! Thanks! And don't forget to subscribe!!